II International Symposium Joan Brossa: «Trees vary depending on the terrain»

Recordings of events at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans

Friday November 8th, 2019

Symposium presentation by institutions

Conference «En Brossa a terra», by Perejaume
Moderator: Jaume Subirana

Round table «Brossa in relationship with his cultural moment»: John London, Jordi Marrugat, Eduard Escoffet and Rui Torres
Moderator: Carlota Caulfield

Creative capsule: Julián Álvarez

Round table «New readings on Joan Brossa: how it has been read and how it is read nowadays»: Marc Audí, Héctor Mellinas and Ronald Polito
Moderator: Joan M. Minguet

Creative capsule: Cloe Masotta